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Introduced in 1990, it offers an unparalleled variety of more than 2,000 products. Our aim was and still is to develop products of high quality for an affordable price. Additionally, value is placed upon supplying large quantities of products .


Eurolite is appealing for a variety of users: interested beginners, price-conscious home users and even demanding professionals. Eurolite products range from classics such as spot lights, beam effects, fog machines or mirror balls up to modern moving lights, LED systems or color changers.


As one of the first brands in the industry, Eurolite cooperates with the TÜV – a great contribution to quality assurance. And the development of the mirror ball motor shows that this field is of central interest. An Eurolite patent on how to position an axis (no. 101 17 639) serves almost all manufacturers as role model today.


Eurolite was also a pioneer with its KLS series. For the first time, the standard PAR can was replaced with these compact light systems. The solution: slim LED spot lights. This development has been established on the market by now.

For 17 years, Futurelight has been a premium brand in the lighting sector. Futurelight guarantees intelligent light and video systems for an elegant lighting of stylish buildings or striking lighting effects at entertainment events. It is the brand's highest priority to manufacture first-class products with cutting-edge technology – conventional and LED-based – and meet high quality standards at the same time.


Futurelight has established a new price segment for professional lighting. Impressive examples are the introduction of the Moving Head Spot MH-660 in 1999 – a milestone at that time - or the EYE Moving Heads with LEDs in 2006.

Since the very beginning our maxim is: “Technology designed for pleasure“. Whether DJs at work or at home, musicians on stage or in rehearsal rooms, restaurants or bars–everyone should enjoy audio products which offer reliable quality, state-of-the-art technology and affordable prices.


Soon it became obvious that the concept of an audio brand with affordable products was gaining a growing group of fans. With several thousand turntables sold in the first year, the introduction can be regarded as a huge success.


When the first scratchable CD players has been launched, the response was throughout positive. Omnitronic quickly made a name for itself as a brand and has kept it until today.

Quality illuminants do not automatically mean high prices.


To proof that, we present Omnilux. Thanks to the cooperation with large and well-know manufacturers, the lamps meet high quality standards despite favorable prices. Omnilux has been launched in 1995 and offers LEDs, neon tubes, energy saving, discharge and halogen lamps.

To guarantee the highest standards of safety, all elements are manufactured in Europe and are tested and approved by the TÜV.


Alutruss offers various versions of which each is loadable and flexible. This guarantees the ability of being applicable both for mobile use on stages and exhibition stands and for permanent installations in the gastronomy and other places.


On request, it is possible to deliver in all RAL colors – it does not always have to be standard silver. If you are looking for custom sizes, Alutruss is certainly the right choice. Individual requests are most welcome.