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SOMMER CABLE Jack cable 6.3 mono 2x 90° 0.3m bn Hicon

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  • SOMMER CABLE Jack cable 6.3 mono 2x 90° 0.3m bn Hicon
  • SOMMER CABLE Jack cable 6.3 mono 2x 90° 0.3m bn Hicon
€ 8,95
Adviesprijs: € 10,65
Jacket, diameterPVC 7,0 mm
Inner conductors1 x 0.75 mm²
Copper strand per conductor19 x 0,18 mm
Conductor insulationFoam/skin-PE 3,1 mm
Shieldingcopper braiding tin-plated + semiconductor
Shielding factor100 %
Temperature rangemin. -30 °C
Temperature rangemax. 70 °C
Fire load per m0.26 kWh
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m78 pF
Cond. resistance per 1 km39 ohms
Insulation resist. per 1 km>1 Gohms
Plug A:1 x 6.3 mm angle jack (mono)
Plug B:1 x 6.3 mm angle jack (mono)
Construction cable:x %2
Weight:0,05 kg

SOMMER CABLE Jack cable 6.3 mono 2x 90° 0.3m bn Hicon

Artikelnummer: 30227515

Verzendkosten: € 6,75

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Like a lasso...
the guitar players throw the cables around.
That's why especially this cable has to have a very demanding and unique inner life.
Most musicians invest a lot of money in low cost cables, until they finally realise that the cables they just bought are barely good enough for shortwave radio reception or that it even ruins the entire sound image of a very expensive instrument. We have distanced ourselves from cheap products and offer a top quality cable at a fair price.
SC-SPIRIT has a thick insulation between wires and shiedling. This improves the capacitive values and ensures loss-free high rendition, even with longer cables. To avoid crackling and hum interference we use a special conductive carbon shield and copper braided shield. When soldering make sure that the carbon shield and the inner conductor do not touch.
Your audience will be surprised at the sound of this cable!

Sommer Cable XS8J-0030 IC-Spirit XS

  • High-quality guitar and instrument cable SPIRIT XS HIGHFLEX 0.30 m
  • With HICON HI-J63MA05-D jack 6.3 mm angle plug 2-pol male and HI-J63MA05-D jack 6.3 mm angle plug 2-pol male
  • Jack plug height only 11.5 mm when plugged in
  • Enormously powerful and clear sound image for bass, guitar, and keyboard due to the special stranding and a wire diameter of 0.75 mm²
  • Double shielding due to the combination of copper braided shield and conductive carbon shielding
  • Loss free transmission due to the low capacity
  • Very flexible and easy to wind due to the use of fine individual stranding
  • Durability and robustness due to a special high quality PVC-mixture for the jacket
  • Strain relief and good protection against bending due to the thick PVC-jacket
  • High quality guitar cable for studio and stage
  • Unbalanced cable for keyboards, samplers, mixing boards, etc.
  • Connection of stereo video recorder and DAT-recorder
  • Made in Germany

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